Day 1: Wednesday Feb 18th

Theme: eModerating & Screencasting

 09.30  Introductions
 10.00  Keynote on eModerating: Gilly Salmon (University of Western  Australia)         

Gilly Salmon Link to recording is here

 Live link-up with NUIG & WIT
 11.00  Break
 11.15  Orientation & Introduction to ‘Flipped Classrooms’. Kevin O’Rourke  (DIT)  

 Kevin O'RourkeClick here to access the main Echo360 recording made  in room  4079  (Best viewed using Google Chrome)

Click here to access the Echo360 recording made from Kevin’s laptop at the same time (Best viewed using Google Chrome)

Link to Horizon Report 2015

2.00  YouToo for YouTube! Pauline Rooney (DIT)
 13.00  Lunch
 14.00 Screencasting & YouTube”Learning Interruptus – That’s All Folks!” Eugene O’Loughlin (NCI)         

Eugene O'LoughlinLink to slides on Slideshare

 Link to final 30 minutes is here

Photo of whiteboard notes
(Click to enlarge)


 16.00  Close



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